Hey! I'm Karissa, the one behind the camera!

Where do you start with this?! I am here to serve my friends, family, loves and clients! It truly fuels my fire!!! THAT is what makes it tough to talk about me!! Anywho.....

I am a momma to two beautiful humans that keep us constantly busy. We love spending time with our friends and family bbqing, playing outside or adventuring about.

I am a very social person and love to spend time with friends 24/7, 365! Hands down, one of my favorite things about my business is that I get to make so many new friends in so many places! It's amazing!! I have so many genuine fiends that have come from photography and I feel so blessed for that!!

I am OBSESSED with EVERYTHING Oreo!! I ate Vanilla Bean ice cream with crushed up Oreos in it almost every day during both of my pregnancies. I am a total foodie and enjoy making it at home while dancing in the kitchen to country music or going out to eat at somewhere new!! I love floral print everything.... cups, bags, clothes, accessories, all of it! I love country music with a deep passion and I could swing dance to it all day!!!

I have not been able to travel as much as I would liked over the years but I always genuinely enjoy seeing new places and meeting new people. I cannot wait to share the places I will get to go with you!!!